Hello Beautiful!

I get teary-eyed every time I share the birth of my baby, Body Decor Boutique, and today is no different. Growing up, my Granny was a VIP client at local boutiques and I loved fashion just as much as she did. When she passed in 2010, I was devastated and fell into a deep depression.

But, deep down inside, I knew my Granny would not want me to be sad. Her death created a burning desire to continue her work not only as a fashionista, but as a classy, impeccable woman that was a community leader and always shared perfectly timed words of wisdom with other bossy women.

On January 1, 2011, Body Decor Boutique was born. I hit the ground running with a purpose to promote and honor bossy women via culturally conscious eclectic apparel, accessories, home décor and more! It has been an amazing life changing experience!

Women empowerment and scholarship are my areas of service. I support women around the world to love the skin they are in and more importantly to have self-love, self-respect, and become SELF-FULFILLED. Body Decor Boutique makes charitable contributions to several non-profit organizations that benefit women and youth plus we offer scholarships annually to high school seniors.

As an online shopper myself, providing an exclusive, seamless, and fun online experience along with outstanding client service is imperative as my clients deserve only the best! Fortunately, we have been able to continue accomplishing this goal year after year!

Enjoy your online shopping experience, catch us at some of the world's finest events you could ever imagine and more than anything, thank you for love and light. And as I always say in parting, Bossy Is As Bossy Does!

T. Seals, Founder/CEO