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Divorce: The Unspoken Childhood Trauma

$19.99 USD

About the Book:

In Divorce: The Unspoken Childhood Trauma, you will enter the world and mind of an 8-year-old little girl who is witnessing the dismantling of her family right before her eyes. The events leading up to her parents’ divorce fused with adult entanglements left her feeling abandoned, confused, and powerless because there was nothing she loved more than her family. Due to her father’s infidelities, her family as she once knew it was now broken. Blessed with a mother who never folded, a devoted granny, and her precious teacher Mrs. Owens, she was bound to overcome.

About the Author:

Best-Selling Author Tara Seals, MBA, MAED is an award-winning entrepreneur, global speaker, philanthropist, educator, and 9-time self-published author. A colorful southern personality, mixed with humor and a no-nonsense attitude has allowed her to reach people around the globe…teaching the REAL truths about life and usually the ones we don’t like to discuss. Named 1 of the 25 Black Women Authors you should know along with Nikki Giovanni and former first lady Michelle Obama, her forthright style coupled with a common-sense approach has inspired others to live life with introspection and purpose.

Number of Pages: 56 pages

*This is a physical, hardcover book and it will be autographed.

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