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Print & Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Kids & Adults

$12 USD

About the Book:

Schools may not teach penmanship anymore, but guess what? You can still achieve your personal goal of having amazing handwriting. Learning how to write in print and cursive can be very beneficial. A legible handwriting style can lead to structured ways of taking notes, jotting down ideas for multiple people to read, signing checks, or for writing that new book. This workbook makes handwriting practice fun for kids and adults, so improve your penmanship today!

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About the Author:

Best-Selling Author Tara Seals, MBA, MAED is an award-winning entrepreneur, global speaker, philanthropist, self-published author, and educator. With over 20+ years of experience teaching students ranging in age from 6 to 78 in public schools, alternative schools, 24-hour residential treatment facilities, and the collegiate level, she has been deemed an educator that totally “gets it”. Authentic to no end, her approach is loved by her colleagues, clients, students, parents, and fans alike. Known as The Bossy Educator, she understands the importance of building relationships and meeting her students exactly where they are, offering a non-threatening, judgment-free learning environment for all. Visit to learn more about her curriculums, scholarship foundation, events, and more!

Number of Pages:  34 pages

*This is a physical, paperback book and it will be autographed.



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