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$54 USD

NEW Custom distressed high waist skinny leg denim 

Available in Sizes 0-20; See Jean Sizing Chart

 Fit model recommends you to order ONE SIZE SMALLER 

Brand: Old Navy

Are the jeans brand new? YES

YES, they stretch and love curves!!!

Custom orders? YES, send us a message via the GREEN chat button

Can you ship YOUR own jeans? YES, send us a message via the GREEN chat button

Celeb Inspired

The jeans offer stretch; therefore the holes will stretch as well and how much the holes stretch is determined by the size of legs and thighs.

Note: All distressed jeans will be the same design of course yet different. I couldn't make them the EXACT same if I wanted to! They are made unique just for YOU! This design appears on the front and back. Mini distressed cuts could appear on back of jeans as unique and fly!

Color: Medium Blue OR Black

Note: If you want a different cut jeans, for example, boot cut, send me a message and I will make them for you no worries!

Sizing Chart for Jeans

Sizing Chart for ALL other items

Please refer to the description and breakdown of size under the SIZE option for each item. If you have additional questions, feel free to click the BLUE Message button. It is located on the bottom left of every page. We are happy to assist you!





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