The Reviews Are Rolling In! Bossy Is As Bossy Does Is A Hit!

I released my very first book on March 1 of this year and the reviews are rolling in! Check out what the people are saying about Bossy Is As Bossy Does! Get your copy here. Want to send us your review, email it to


So my "Bossy Is As Bossy Does" arrived days ago, and I read it cover to cover that day. Today I'm on my second go round! Yes, in this instance I'm inclined to tell you...believe that hype!!!! You'll wanna pick this one up. Kudos, Tara! What a beautiful force you are!!! I love you!!!

Christi Eason, Life Enthusiast 


"STOP... Boss About It"   Impressive! BOSSY makes you take a deep look inside of yourself. To truths, taboos, dreams and fears... some that we often have trouble discussing. I love the format of this book. It encourages open discussion of real life stuff. Thanks Tara, for being as real in print as you are in the flesh. I can't wait to have the gals over for wine and bossy thoughts.  

Laura Johnson, FNP About Face Med Spa


I've finished the book! I actually read it twice. If you're an Entrepreneur, millennial, mover and shaker or you're simply stuck- you MUST grab Tara Seals book! I'm busy and my attention span is short,  so 65 pages is right up my alley. No fluff, no fillers...just straight info! In my humble (expert) opinion, get It! And buy an extra one and give a copy to a friend! Support her! 

Naja Hall, Founder of Blended And Black

IG/Facebook: Blended And Black


Bossy is as Bossy Does is a true game changer!  Reading this book has helped me to reevaluate not only myself as a business owner, but the layout of my business.  It has helped me to push thru no matter someone else says, or obstacles that may come my way.  Bossy is as Bossy Does is a great read... I couldn't put it down!

Alexandria Robinson, Owner of Born Thik and Appeared on LHHATL


Honest, raw and real. Tara shares valuable life lessons. She have you ask yourself critical questions needed for growth. This book is a classic and can be shared for generations.

Shamika Watson, Success Strategist


This book was an excellent "cheat sheet" on how to propel your life forward. The author provides numerous examples of the positive benefits of eliminating distractions and illuminating your "personal light" in order to accomplish your goals! Everyone who takes this advice will surely emerge as the Boss they are destined to be!

Kimshasa Ellis, Special Education Lead Teacher/Department Chairperson 

Fulton County Schools


Your book is what every go getter should read if they truly want to discover the boss that lives within. This book allows one to purposely confront their truths and grow with the help of God. It was definitely what I needed to give me that extra boost because of it's raw truths. I would highly recommend Bossy is as Bossy Does to anyone in need of an eye opener at whatever season they maybe in life !

Stephanie McCulley, Master Stylist

Haute Hair Beauty Bar 


I love your book it was so relatable and very good life lessons to help me be the Boss of me.

Candace Holyfield, Owner of I Love Candy Spa



I would like to first state how much Tara is someone that I greatly admire as a black woman as well as opportunist in all that she has accomplished. Reading “Bossy is as Bossy Does”, has inspired in me in so many ways as an entrepreneur myself.

Sunni Dennis, Owner of Sunni Days Daycare


As I read through the pages it just kept getting better and I could not put it down. Tara made me think about different situations in life and how to overcome. I absolutely loved the entire book.

Edna Walls, Avid Book Reader


Bossy Is As Bossy Does is a Must, Must, Must READ!
Tara tells you to control your own life and (my favorite) Open Your Mouth. Life throws a lot at you and Tara let’s you know it’s alright to get the help you need so you can be your best. Be the Boss of Your Life.

Ontonette Awosika, Owner of Performance Therapy Massage

Instagram/Periscope: @MassagebyOntonette
Facebook: Performance Therapy Massage LLC


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Bossy Is As Bossy Does is my go-to guide for now on! - Tammy Klein

Tara shares an extraordinary perspective on what it means to be bossy.

Brilliant! - Blake Steinburg

After reading this book, I was inspired to take control of me. - Anita Reid

Once you read this book, you will tell everyone you know! It is a MUST read...what a masterpiece. - Suzanne Perez



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  • Ontonette Awosika

    Bossy Is As Bossy Does is a Must, Must, Must READ
    Tara tells you to control your own life and (my favorite) Open Your Mouth. Life throws a lot at you and Tara let’s you know it’s alright to get the help you need so you can be your best. Be the Boss of Your Life.

    Instagram: @MassagebyOntonette
    Periscope: @MassagebyOntonette
    Facebook: Performance Therapy Massage LLC

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