The Journey Challenge: Do You Accept It?


When your journey changes, so does your surroundings. For example, when I traveled to London, England, accents, buildings, the way I traveled, faces, EVERYTHING, changed. It's the same way with life. When your journey takes a turn, it is just like waving bye-bye to the old and waving hello to the new. You are looking ahead, maybe missing some things about that "old thang", but excited indeed about the journey ahead and never looking back.

If you resist the journey or are afraid of the journey, you put yourself in an "on hold" space and that's exactly how everything will feel...on hold. You may find yourself not getting the results you want, meeting "unhealthy" people, feeling lost and confused and it's all because you are not in the right "space". Becoming complacent is your new home and it is stale...and you could become stale with it.

I was once called a gypsy by a stale individual because of my free spirit and travel addiction. Lmao! Funny how stale people want you to be stale, I laughed at the foolery because his intention was to upset me. Really? He has no clue. So what do we do with clueless individuals that allow stupid shit to come out of their mouths? Laugh and do a praise dance that we are not stale and miserable like them! Live YOUR best life and receive the journeys will never know where the road may could be right where you belong. Accept your journey challenge and live YOUR best life NOW. What are you waiting for? Be well my friends. ❤️

Tara Seals, Founder/CEO of Body Decor Boutique

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  • Jen

    great post, soror! when I think about your analogy of stale, I think about molded bread and how one slice can ruin the whole bag…

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