My New Book Is Here! Bossy Is As Bossy Does: The 5 Keys That Open Doors

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Self-published Author Tara Seals, M.B.A., M.A.ED., delivers an astonishingly powerful perspective of what it truly means to be the boss of one's self and destiny, sharing her life experiences in this riveting page turning book. A portion of proceeds will be donated to benefit youth initiatives for girls and boys in the areas of entrepreneurship, education, reading, exploration, and self-awareness. 

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About the Book:

In Bossy Is As Bossy Does: The 5 Keys That Open Doors, you will learn REAL answers to some of life's most challenging questions. Once you understand which key to use to unlock life's doors, you will unleash a new YOU and outlook on life. Get ready to let it ALL out so you can breathe and began to live the life you deserve. 

Book Reviews:

Bossy Is As Bossy Does is my go-to guide for now on! - Tammy Klein

Tara shares an extraordinary perspective on what it means to be bossy. Brilliant! - Blake Steinburg

After reading this book, I was inspired to take control of me. - Anita Reid

Once you read this book, you will tell everyone you know! It is a MUST read...what a masterpiece. - Suzanne Perez

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  • Rosandrea Dennis

    I would like to first state how much Tara is someone that I greatly admire as a black woman as well as opportunist in all that she has accomplished. Reading “Bossy is as Bossy Does”, has inspired in me in so many ways as an entrepreneur myself – Sunni Dennis

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