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My Story

What's up! My name is Ty Hamilton and I'm a creator destined to deliver on the promises that I have made to myself. I"m a guy from Southside Jamaica Queens, NY who was raised by a woman who was able to instill in me the tools that were necessary for me to overcome the obstacles of becoming what society said I was supposed to become. I am my grandmother's first grandson and the oldest of three siblings. When I was seven my parents moved from Queens, NY to Riverdale, GA (southside of Atlanta) and divorced two years later when I was nine. My dad moved back to NY and my mother raised three children solo and did a damn awesome job!

Even though my parents divorced it was their different life paths that contributed to my ambition and eventual journey into entrepreneurship. My mother was a go-getter and hard worker, I remember her working three different jobs at one point, her career job a TransAmerica, a weekend gig at Hollywood Video and she sold Avon. My dad on the other hand, moved back to New York and started his career as a serious street pharmacist, if you know what I mean, and I'm not talking the type that stands on the corner all day. He took the money he made in the streets and invest and started his own business with his girlfriend at the time. My dad opened the first side-by-side hair salon and beauty supply store in Long Island, NY. Two things that he always told me no matter his shortcomings as an active father figure was to 1. be better than him and learn from his mistakes and 2. Work for yourself.
It was through implementing these words of wisdom and watching my mother's work ethic that the entrepreneurial spirit that I posses, not to mention the fact that I've always been a creative and resistant to just accepting the current status quo. I graduated from Forest Park HIgh School with a 3.6 GPA, received the HOPE scholarship and chose to take my talents to Georgia Southern University where I majored in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. I dropped out of GA Southern in 2008 to pursue a career in design and landed a job creating graphics for a company that specialized in creating custom exhibits and booths for trade shows and exhibitions. I designed for all our clients including companies like Office Depot, Crown Plaza Hotels, ZeroChaos, Spherion Staffing, Fulton County Government, Worldwide Lables & Packaging among several others. 
Why I Chose Entrepreneurship
After one year of working for that company I made the decision to leave what I loved to pursue better pay. Fast forward to March 7, 2015, the day the truly changed my life. After six years of good pay, amazing benefits, marriage and a seven month old daughter I was complacent. That all changed when I received a phone call from my cousin asking me to design a flyer for an business workshop that he and a co-worker were organizing. He told me that in exchange for designing the flyer I would have an opportunity to present my design portfolio and share a little info about my graphic design skills. On March 7, 2015, this is exactly what took place and after presenting my work I was bull rushed with inquiries about what type of work I do, how much I charge, what's my turnaround time and things of that nature. It was at this moment that the light bulb came on the passion that I had for designing and creating was reignited and I've been creating, networking and building since. I am currently in high pursuit to build my business so that I can give my job back to the economy.
What I've Learned So Far
As a freelance graphic design, specializing in logo design and visual branding, I have learned many lessons along the way. I've learned that self-awareness is critical. Truly knowing who you are will give you the ability identify and focus on your strengths, not care about what others think of you and not be afraid to fail in front of your naysayers, especially loved ones. I've also learned that ideas don't mean shit unless you are willing to put in the work to execute them. People have ideas everyday, but the people who choose to act upon their ideas are more likely to achieve a level of success. Entrepreneurship has also shown me how important having a positive and optimistic mindset is so necessary to build your business. It is crucial to understand that your environment influences your thoughts, your thoughts influence the way you feel and your feeling influence your decision making, which is why surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is a common practice in business. It's necessary for success.
My Passion
As a freelance graphic designer and logo design specialist, I have shifted my focus to working with entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses with the intent to assist in creating their brand, upgrading their brand or providing ideas and strategy to create brand awareness. I am insanely passionate about assisting and educating my clients about the importance of branding and the value that it holds. Many of the business owners that I have worked with or encountered are operating their business well and making money. However, they are not branding or they are not branding effectively enough to build brand awareness, brand loyalty or to be easily identifiable by their target audience in the market. I can help change that!
My name is Ty Hamilton and I'm a creator destined to deliver on the promises that I have made to myself. For every decision that we make in life, distractions will compete for your attention, so stay focused, stay humble, believe in YOU, remain vision oriented, but most of all take ACTION!!! Thank you.
What We Offer is dedicated to providing custom, creative design work that bring your vision to fruition.  I collaborate with my clients to capture the attention of their target audience through active and comprehensive brand development, design and strategy. We offer custom logo design services, brand development and design, web design, social media brand design, print design, digital design, digital art and consulting and strategy.
Current Promos
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Ty Hamilton
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