Guest Blogger: Thea Camara

I discovered my passion for acting at a very early age. I would watch Thelma from “Good Times”  and others and think to myself, that’s what I want to do when I grow up. However, that’s not the plan my parents had in mind for my life. So, I dismissed the very notion of pursuing anything remotely related to the arts. I was told I would only find heartbreak and no financial future working in the arts. So, I decided against the road less traveled and took the obvious path.  

After college and (1) failed marriage, I began to focus more on my career in Corporate America.  I worked in telecommunications and sales for over 25 years and in the middle of all of that, God managed to send me my 2nd husband.  A wonderful man in which we later had 2 beautiful children. We purchased a home in the suburbs…and life was grand. Until one day while at work sitting in a meeting, I realized I didn’t belong in Corporate America another day. Everything that was being discussed in the meeting was going against my morally centered being. Immediately after the meeting, I remember standing up, looking around at everyone and saying to myself…”I hope they get a good look at me, because the only part they’re going to see of me is my big ass, walking out of here!  

See, this was a very bold move for me. I went against everything that I was taught growing up.  Just so that you are clear on the magnitude of this situation, I was making more money than I had ever made in my life, 6 figures to be exact. But none of that mattered as I could no longer, morally, sit at the table with people that knew the system in which they were designing was corrupt and designed to fail the folks it meant to serve.  

It was truly a defining moment in my life. That moment took place in 2007. That's when I began to pursue my longtime dream of becoming an actress with vigor. Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to perform in various Films, Stage plays, Commercials, Print Ads etc. I’ve trained under the watchful eye of some of the best acting coaches in the country, which include: Tasha Smith (TSAW), Susan Baton of Susan Batson Studio NYC, Michael McCracken of Vagabond, and Jamal McNeil of L.A., Act 1 Studio.  I’m currently signed up for a Master Class with Samuel L. Jackson.  

I’m a consummate professional and highly regarded by those that I have worked with. I believe, “If you find your passion...You’ll never work a day in your life”.  

It’s important to realize what your product is in business and “I Am My Brand”. I’ve worked along side some of the best actors in the business and it’s allowed me to hone the craft of acting.

I created The Actors Incubator because there’s a lack of support among the industry.  It’s a place where actors can share, develop and ultimately act.  Aspiring/Seasoned Actors will leave edified and ready to go to the next level of their career.  Here’s what they can expect after completing a session with The Actors Incubator: 

1. Intro To Acting

2. Mastering A Monologue

3. Scene To Screen Work

4. Private Coaching (Additional) 


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