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My name is Shonda Tillman, and I am the Property Woman. I am passionate about helping others buy a home of their own, as well as helping people market and sell their homes. I have always been student of real estate, no matter what business or career I was in. Now I invest and walk others through the process of buying or selling. I believe Every business owner should own a home of their own. Home ownership provides a sense of security, a set mortgage payment for 30 years, and the opportunity to create wealth. It goes hand in hand with your business in creating a legacy for your family.

My story begins not with becoming an entrepreneur, but with becoming a mom. This new found responsibility weighed heavily on me, and I could not bring myself to put my child in someone else’s hands. Thus began my quest for things that allowed me control over my time, and ways to create money out of thin air. That’s what we do as entrepreneurs- we provide a product or service that helps fulfill a need or solve a problem- and we get paid for that. I love that there is no limit to what we can provide a client --it’s all based on our talent- thus we always have a way to make money!

What I wish I knew prior to going in business was that you don’t have to have one “thing”. Many of us are multi-talented and have many ways we can make money. And that is how it should be. Just because a woman is a life coach, does not mean she can not charge you for baking your daughter’s wedding cake if that is her talent as well. It just may not be the thing she wants to build a business on.

My advice to all women business owners is not to wait for perfection. Learn your craft, gain business skills, and do the best you can with the information you have and MOVE forward. Action begets action. When you learn more, do more.

Real entrepreneurship means trial and error. No book can prepare you for the ups and downs of being in business for yourself, but you can surround yourselves with others who have created a successful business, and who can help you craft solutions to keep you in business.

That is why I am co-sponsoring the MomBizBoss Conference on Saturday May 19th at the Evergreen Resort in Stone Mountain. There women business owners can connect with others and hear real stories on what it’s like to run a business while being a mom -the two hardest jobs you will ever have. We will have panelists, guest speakers, games and prizes. We will also be honoring my business mentor Trina Newby of Women About Biz.

If you are interested in buying or selling a home Connect with me at or call me at 404-447-3285. Purchase tickets to the MomBizBoss conference here:

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