Guest Blogger: Rhonda Moore


Hello I’m Rhonda, a woman who wanted out of corporate america, a mother of three, a hard worker that sees the future of MLM and Direct Sales as well as an individual that wants to empower, enlighten and make individuals feel good about themselves everyday, whether through accessories or conversation.. My Motto is Negative Out, Positive In!

What's the most important thing to know about Paparazzi? It's fabulous fashion for just $5. Every piece, every day. If that's not enough, you'll also be glad to know Paparazzi products are:

Lead-free and nickel-free * One-of-a-kind featuring original design, style, and feel* Always changing buy it when you see it! * Designed in the U.S., made in China * Produced in facilities with elite standards and regulations for quality and labor * Available only through our Consultants.

These rewards will be given if anyone setups to be hostess for an online FB party and or a back office Facebook Party with the Paparazzi Consultant. Free Jewelry anyone?!?





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