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Hello entrepreneurs my name is Neisha Weston and I am a licensed esthetician. My career did not start out that way. I was in marketing for Fortune 500 companies, insurance , and worked as an HR Director. In between time, I obtained a master’s in Psychology. Even though I took the scenic route to my current career, one thing stayed constant, and that was saving.

First, let me say if you are not saving any money, it is best to start saving right now. It doesn't matter how much money you make, it doesn't matter how much or how little you save, the time to start saving is now.

The beginning

When I first got into my career years ago I was saving about $100 every time I got paid. When I got married I was able to save almost an entire paycheck per month because I had help from my former husband who was also a saver. That made it much easier for me to put money away and keep it.

My former husband used to always talk about saving money. He explained how you have to be ready when something falls apart or breaks. Since we lived in the South, we couldn’t afford to have the air conditioner malfunction. That used to be my biggest worry since it gets so hot.

I used to hear women talk about back money. I didn't understand what that meant at first, but now I do. They were talking about money that only the woman knows about. Only she knows the amount and the location. This is good for any person to have since we never know when something will break or an emergency occurs. When your back money grows to a substantial of money, invest in an at home safe that’s fireproof. Back money is not only for women, but for anyone who wants to see their saving increase.

After my divorce, I went back to school and got the master's degree. During that time, the economy was very bad. I was putting all my hopes into getting that master's degree and finding a job. Well low and behold the job never came. I looked high and low for a full-time job and it was hard to find. So then I said to myself, I have to find something that I can learn quickly so I can start working right away.

I started a consulting business from my home, but not having a business coach I went through a lot of money. I went through so much money that it hurt. Whatever someone said I needed, I bought. I had no direction with money or my business. I didn't even realize that I needed a business coach. Now I am focused and am saving time and money with a coach. I suggest you invest in a coach if you have not already. A reputable one will save you tons of time and money in your business.

I was really good at saving the money but this next time I have a plan. Once I got the chance to start another business I knew I had to do it differently. The economy was still bad and I went back on the job hunt. I came across an esthetician who once had a successful practice. She became my mentor and convinced me to go to school to become an esthetician. She explained procedures of the business, customer service, cost cutting measures, while also looking for quality products. We worked together for over a year. After we parted ways, I started purchasing equipment for my own studio. I now have a successful esthetician practice in Southern California where I focus on facial, skin, and body services. I also just began The Wealthy Esthe Academy which is a monthly fee based academy for estheticians to stay current and motivated in their practices.

I don’t look at any of this as a bad luck story, only as a stepping stone. Your path may not be laid out in front of you and you may have twists and turns, but by reaching for your dreams and saving in the meantime, will help you stay afloat.

Excerpts taken from The Time To Save is Now.



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