Guest Blogger: Kita Bryant

My name is Kita Bryant and I am a storyteller. I tell a story through blogging, photography, and marketing. I have always been a storyteller ever since I was a child. I knew how to dress up a story to sell things or have people intrigued. I grew up in Charleston, SC and moved to Atlanta, GA to go to college. I majored in business and I have a degree in Business with a concentration in marketing and management. I am a widow and the mother of two children. I love to cook, travel, and make people laugh. I am am real and I don't sugar coat things which makes me somewhat a loner because people tend to not like the truth. 
Brand photography is my niche although I take photos of all kinds I truly love brand photography.It gives me a chance to take photos for brands and blogs and tell heir stories through pictures that they can use on social media, use on their websites, use for backgrounds, business cards, quotes, etc. I love small businesses because I truly believe that you should turn your hobby into a money making machine. Photography is something that I got into when my mother died. I got through her death by looking at the many different pictures that she took of me over the course of my life and it helps me cope with her death. Having that captured moment is what photography is all about. I don't take boring photos either! I like photos that make you wonder what's going on or ask questions. I like to make it fun and I bring my humor and style to each photo that I take. 
Blogging is another tool that I get to use to write. I love writing! It's my favorite thing to do because I have so much to say...why not put it in blog form. I began blogging in 2010 and although I know many people take their blog and turn it into a profit I am okay with just being a regular ole blogger who occasionally makes money as an influencer of things I love. Nothing is on my blog that I don't love and I talk about topics that are unique. Things that you think in your head but normally won't say outloud. I talk about small businesses, travel, food, and sometimes parenting. I am that blogger that you will never know what I am going to say next so you have to keep up. 
My contact info is also attached best way to get in contact with me is and most people keep up with me via my newsletter which comes out every Tuesday.
Twitter, Facebook,Pinterest and Instagram: @itsreallykita
Snapchat/Pericsope: @reallykita 
For anyone reading this and coming to me via this website you can get half off my pricing for brand photography. I take photos of products, services, and headshots for your brand. I start at $80 but for everyone who uses the phrase " Body Decor Boutique sent me" you get half off my price. All pictures are yours to keep and we can discuss how you want your blog or business portrayed when we talk! 

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