Guest Blogger: Janice Horne

Stepping Stone # 1….  New York State
I grew up in a musical family; and music was one of my first passions!  I chose teaching as a profession and my first teaching position was on an Indian reservation.  When I left the reservation, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. 
In 2000, I was awarded a grant to create a prenatal music program.  I worked with teenage mothers, pregnant women in prison, and families in the local community.  That opportunity fueled my passion to do more; and the following year, I resigned my teaching position and moved to Georgia. 

Stepping Stone #2…  Georgia
The birth of the prenatal music program began in 2003 at Northside Hospital.  Over time, the service evolved to include other units and patient populations such as oncology and bone marrow patients.  Working with this population, ignited my passion for learning about health and wellness, and other possibilities to support optimal living.    

Stepping Stone #3… Entreprenuership
In 2012, I lost my youngest brother; a pivotal moment that forever changed the trajectory of my life. It led me on a path of seeking health and wholeness from the inside out.  The integrity, purity and quality of products led me to become an education ambassador for Young Living Essential Oils.  My passion is teaching others about lifestyle changes; even small changes that can truly make a difference. Our goal is to empower others to live a lifestyle of wellness, abundance and purpose through chemical free living. 

What I have learned on my journey of entrepreneurship?
It is critically important to know your “WHY” for your business.  What do you want to the truest core of your being?  What if you truly believed that what you do really matters?  What would you do to make that happen?  Make that commitment and then bring it to life. Be resilient, patient, and keep moving forward.  Do not stop; no matter the pace.  When you know your WHY - no excuses and no obstacles will stop YOU!

Entrepreneurship is not easy; it takes dedication and a willingness to show up to your best life.  Be a professional entrepreneur.  Do it with all of your heart, and be willing to grow, learn and serve others.  When you do, our world receives the best… the best YOU!  And… that is something to celebrate!

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