Guest Blogger: Genevieve Woods


Greetings Body Décor readers, I’m super excited to be a guest blogger. First a little bit about myself. I'm a wife who married my best friend twenty years ago, I was 21 when we married, looking back that was young but s we thought we were ready. We spent the first couple of years traveling around America trying to go to every Six Flags. What a goal, huh?  After a couple of years, we had our first child and real life began - but we have survived every storm multiple miscarriages, cancer scares, life-threatening surgeries, people wanting to destroy us because we were happy. But God has brought us through it all and we are better for it. Our first-born son is in college, we have a diva 16-year-old daughter and a risk-taking 12-year-old son. Maybe I was supposed to talk about my end my writing journey first. I just felt compelled to tell you who I am at heart, my I love Jesus Christ, He is my king. The Lord and my family sustains me and is why I go to work as a senior purchasing/forecasting agent for a hydraulic and pneumatics distributor.


I write because it is the best tool to use to release my creative energy and to minister the Gospel to the world as Christ commanded us all to do. There is a ton of Christian literature fiction-and non-fiction it can be overwhelming to choose from. I would like to invite you to read books I’ve released because they show real life struggles in romantic relationships and with family members. I believe he that winneth a soul is wise, that's my purpose in every word that I publish. That the reader is compelled to examine their relationship with Christ and turn to Him to meet all their needs per His riches in Glory.


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