Guest Blogger: Dawn Cherie

So this is my very first blog ever! I have been very reluctant in doing this since
the first time it was suggested to me by my home girl T (Tara)! Main reason being is that my story has no interesting basis to it, it’s very typical of all other stories everyone has heard about why they became an entrepreneur. Deep sigh.. I also would like to add a disclaimer to the people who may read this please don’t misconstrue my words as being stuck on myself or thinking I am someone I’m not, I’m one of the most humble down to earth people you will probably ever meet but I was told that I need to be open and honest speaking my truth with full here goes! :)
This is my story. From a young age I always knew that I wanted to work for myself, just like most people I always had aspirations, dreams and thoughts of grandeur! Growing up I was exposed to fashion and beauty early on from both sides of my family; all the women were beauty and fashion driven, they kept me involved in extracurricular activities such as modeling and dancing just to name a few.  These women all were beautiful with impeccable taste in clothing, accessories, beauty and body products; looking back on it now I guess you can say it was only natural for me to become fixated on these items as well. I started off young making jewelry, customized clothing etc, I remember being told at a young age by adults that I had a great “eye” for this industry whether it be fashion,beauty and even home decor; I guess you can say I was born with an innate ability to be creative in all things that involved being pretty and stylish! I was always the person that everyone came too asking what should I wear? How does this look? What do you think about so and so? 
My first real entrepreneur try was having a cleaning service, it did well and lasted a few years but me being weirded out about germs didn’t allow me to stay in that field very long. I never let go of my feelings to want to work in fashion and beauty, it was put on hold for awhile due to life happening but I never could totally get it out of my system. In all honesty I decided to become an entrepreneur because first and foremost for some reason it’s in my spirit, I could never shake or satisfy the desire. Also, visualizing myself working for others for my entire life just never sat well with me, some may feel that’s a lame blanket standard reason but it’s the truth! The other reason is that I have a bit of an issue taking orders from others as well, there’s a difference when you take orders from your employer and taking orders/guidance from others who are knowledgeable in aspects of business where you may not be; if that makes sense. 
Fast forward to now, I started one of my businesses with another young lady and we became Lash Addictz in Cleveland, Ohio!  We will have been officially in business a little over a year! We specialize in lash extensions but also offer other lash services for clients that may not want extensions; such as mink lash strips and individual cluster/flare lashes, lash perming and tinting is offered along with eyebrow arching and tinting. We also teach lash extension instruction classes for those who would like to learn the technique of applying lash extensions. I am currently in school now working on becoming a licensed esthetician so that I will be able to add more beauty services to our current menu. 
What I wish I had known before I became an entrepreneur would be that no one ever really stressed the freedom and enjoyment that comes along with being your own boss! Everyone always gives the down side, which I was fully informed of a thousand times over. Had I known the feeling would be this sweet I may not have kept dragging my feet trying to preoccupy myself with other things that weren’t feeding my soul.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough decision to make in the beginning when you have decided that you're actually going to take that leap banking on yourself to win! It’s tough getting out here grinding every moment of the day, trying to make a dollar! It’s tough stepping out of your comfort zone to make your business happen!
Some people take out loans to back their dreams and some don’t have that luxury. I myself didn’t have that luxury, all I had was a dream and my own gumption to see it through. I’m much happier now that I no longer work for someone else, I’m not rich or super wealthy but I wouldn’t change a thing about the way I stepped out here to soar on my own. My husband was my main support who kept reminding me that I could do it, he never let me forget or eased up on me about my aspirations! When I told him I wanted to quit my job after working over twelve years as a disgruntled city employee he cheered me own. He never once had one negative remark or thought about it. We had an open, candid grown up discussion about me and what I wanted. I can honestly say he had a lot to do with my overall decision to start my businesses and not keep ignoring my true self and for this I am forever thankful for him!
The advice I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs would be to really take a long deep look at yourself, not over night or in a day don’t rush the process, really take time to evaluate if this is something you want to do. Do you think/feel within your own self that you will be able to handle this for the long haul, when things get tough and you can’t depend on anyone but yourself.  Weigh your pros and cons out on a piece of paper. Keep a check list of things that you need to do to prepare yourself to start your own business, be absolutely 100 percent real with the good, bad, ugly, strengths and weaknesses of you with yourself. Lastly, most importantly by all means don’t share your thoughts, ideas, and dreams with a lot of people. You will be surprised how many people we call friends and loved ones will fake cheer you on, bubble slow and then you blow! 
So if you’re ever in the Cleveland, Ohio area please look us up, we’re located at 5311 Northfield Rd, lower level Ste 101 Bedford, Ohio 44146. We can be reached at (216) 240.6744 and the hours of operation are by appointment only 9a-6p Monday-Saturday and Sunday 11a-4p (classes only). Hope to see you soon!
Most Fashionably,
Dawn Cherie, Co-Founder of Lash Addictz
Instagram: @lashaddictzstudio
Facebook: Lash Addictz

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