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My journey to this brand and entrepreneurship boils down to this story...We ALL travel through life sometimes wondering WHY this, WHY me, what did I do to deserve hurt, pain, stress, disappointment; not realizing that our bodies are dying on the inside while continuing to worry about what's happening around us. Failures haunt us, denial can reverse us, and grief constantly controls us and our feelings towards others.  ALL of these feelings lead to stress, high intensity stress that can take a HUGE toll on our bodies.  For me, I honestly felt like I lost myself after I lost my mother, a few jobs, a few friends, when I was told my grandmother was battling dementia right before entering her front door, and recently, finding out my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now, to this day, people always ask me how I would allow myself and my body to take on so much stress? Great question, I just felt like it was naturally in me, as a woman, to overfill my plate with entrees that did not nourish nor do me any good mentally. Because at the end of the day, my plate for my inner self was always empty; I gave and gave until I couldn't give anymore, and still tried to give. But the more I thought I was Wonder Woman, the greater the stress, and this time my body reacted.

You see, everybody that knows me knows that my help for people does not stop, ever. Up to the point where I experienced the burden of major depression, I was eating well on a plant-based diet, getting back into running, and making sure I was getting plenty of rest. But soon enough, my stress prevailed and I had to come to terms with my own body. At this moment, not only was I beginning to find joy in silence and soul searching, but I also began experimenting with natural essential oils, herbs, and spices to repair and soothe my body, and trust me, the earth works! These essential oils are depression aids, anxiety fighters, and health boosters, and are included in each product. 

Beauty.Happiness.Healing LLC, also known as Uzuri.Furaha.Uponyaji, carries a collection of therapeutic handmade small batch goods including whipped shea body butters, soy wax candles, and natural hair care. All products are handmade by myself and include an essential oil or ingredient that is beneficial for mental stability, self-love, meditation, and inner focus, stimulating confidence and strength within women. The product line inspiration stems from personal experiences that opened my heart and mind to focus more on self-love and self-care. I wanted to create a brand that not only makes women feel empowered, but also raise awareness about self-care, loving ourselves and each other more, and healing the community of women.

While I knew that this journey of entrepreneurship was going to take a lot of time and energy, I never would’ve thought in a million years that it would weed out people in my life, include some heartache and failures, and rejection. When I first started in late October, I moved rather quickly into the process, getting all of the required paperwork done, researching event and markets to submit applications and getting all of my marketing material in order. My very first market taught me a lot about preparation, as I did not even know the simple facts such as the ounce sizes of my products. How embarrassing! , my display was great, packaging was okay, pitch was average…but I WAS NOT READY.  As much as I believed in my mission and my product, it was not showing in my delivery, and I barely broke even on sales that day because customers could tell that I was not confident. But I will say, the more practice I gained with markets, the more confident I became in my business. I have years of retail management experience, but entrepreneurship does not compare to that, AT ALL. You have to seriously own it or you can easily run yourself into a ditch, and nobody will believe in you or your product. It starts within you!  As for me, I knew that I had a story to tell, and I had no choice but to bite the bullet and keep going because I was on a mission. So instead of slowing down I picked up the pace and applied for a handful amount of markets, changed the way I presented my products, changed my marketing, and allowed my display for each event to tell a story in visuals. After fully embracing my full potential, doors began to open themselves. Granted, I may send out twenty emails a week to potential partners and would only receive one or two, if that. Sometimes the one out of the two would be a rejection email simply stating that I have beautiful products but they’re not interested. To be honest, sometimes this motivates me to keep going and sometimes it places me in a space where I feel like I am doing something wrong. But then I always think about the many opportunities that are already in place, and all I can do is continue to do what I am doing and expand on those current opportunities.

Entrepreneurship is all about truly believing in yourself, having a passion for your business, and making healthy connections. Sometimes it may include eliminating people in your life that may create a toxic environment for you or even those close friends or family members that you notice are not rooting for you every step of the way. You need accountability partners not members of a pity party, and that’s real. Optimistic energy is highly important in this journey, so your circles need to be on point and in tune. Collaboration is also a massive part of entrepreneurship because you want to create relationships.  Yes, there will be other businesses out here that will have similar products as you or maybe even sell the exact same thing, but nobody’s story is ever the same. If you have resources share them with others, don’t be stingy because you would not want someone to have that energy with you. If you know about different entrepreneurship programs or have access to different funding resources, share them with others, it’s about community and there is a seat at the table for everybody. Most importantly, you have to keep going, take a break if you need it and don’t overwork yourself, but never stop. There is somebody out there waiting to see an entrepreneur like you, and they will become inspired and sparked by your dedication and drive. Your story matters!

Thank you for listening to my story and journey! And be sure to follow Beauty.Happiness.Healing LLC and be a part of this movement!



Courtney Pack

Beauty.Happiness.Healing LLC/Owner

Atlanta, GA 30350


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