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Hey y’all my name is Brandon and I used to weigh 300 pounds! Yep that’s right! There should be a picture somewhere within this post as proof but yep that’s my story thanks for reading this. LOL… Okay all jokes aside that’s just a little start of the story but I actually did used to weigh 300 pounds and lost around 115 pounds in a little over 100 days 16 years ago and have been keeping it off ever since.

The transformation I made from an extremely Unhealthy American diet to a Healthy lifestyle was my first step into understanding that there is literally nothing more important in life than fully taking care of the vessel that you reside in. Because as we all know a healthy mind does not function at its’ peak with an unhealthy body/spirit and vice versa so it’s an ever ending balancing act in which we all have to work on daily.

My rebirth (so to call it) sparked a passion to continue to learn more and more about how to improve my mind, body, and  spirit and to share what I learned with others.

Lack of access was what brought me unexpectedly into the world of entrepreneurship. It would be totally cool if I could tell y’all that I actually wrote out a plan and executed that plan into being an entrepreneur but that’d be a lie, like a really big one.

SWEETS! Yep they’ve always been one of my favorite parts of a meal, snack, and food in general, lol, and one that I never gave up because I believe that you don’t have to give something you love up just make it Guilt Free. Once I discovered that I was allergic to one of the main ingredients in almost all sweets GLUTEN, I had to find a way to keep eating what I love but make it Guilt Free.

I believe that if I can’t find it out in the World then I can create it so that’s what happened. The Memphis surrounding area did not have any pastries that met my dietary needs (that didn’t taste like SANDPAPER) so I had to create it! After 3 months of trial, error and a bunch of trips to Whole Foods I created my signature product: Avocado Brownies. The creation of this brownie allowed me to finally be able to enjoy pastries Guilt Free-- because it was not only gluten free but also grain free, butter free, soy free, dairy free, xanthan gum free, and made with organic and local ingredients.

After eating the brownies for a while I decided to expand my (unbeknownst to me menu) pastry options to cookies and created a few varieties of cookies like vegan chocolate chips and cinnamon banana cookies just so I could have some other choices. 3 months after I created the brownies people in the grocery store started asking me why I was purchasing so many avocados. I would tell them and then they started asking me if they could purchase some from me and let me know that they had similar allergies/food preferences and had given up on ever being able to eat great tasting pastries. After hearing this over and over again I decided to walk up to the door, turn the knob, and walk into the World of entrepreneurship and haven’t looked back since.

Outside of the information I have shared so far with you I would have to say one of my favorite parts about being an entrepreneur is that you can NEVER truly FAIL at whatever you’re doing as long as you KEEP GETTING UP AND LEARNING. Okay-- so yeah that was like totally some Oprah/Steve Harvey level stuff there in that last sentence. Okay maybe not on that level but… what I mean is that in life in general you will fail. It’s almost impossible not to fail when doing something new. The best part about failure (yes there’s a BEST part) is that you ACTUALLY TRIED!

Trying anything in life and failing is WAY BETTER than NEVER trying at all and if you’re afraid of failing then… YOU’RE NOT READY TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR YET!

Hopefully I didn’t burst any bubbles there but that’s just the way life works. Hey, I didn’t make the rules; I just understand them and try to make them work in my best interest. So, remember no matter your passion just keep doing it and LEARNING from your failures! As long as you’re learning along the way then you are constantly improving yourself and will become a version of yourself that understands that striving for Perfection ISN’T the key but rather striving for Understanding.

I hope these words have helped you along your journey and if I can ever be of any assistance don’t hesitate to contact me at  I’m always willing to help when I can.



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