Cursive Writing: A Lost Art

Cursive writing is a lost art and it is truly heartbreaking. This skill has been removed from the curriculum in school districts across the United States, but why? As an expert educator with over 20 years of experience, I know that what is not taught at school is often times not taught at home due to many different factors: lack of knowledge, resources, the cooncern, the list goes on. 

I recently spoke at a career and technical college. I noticed when the students were required to provide their signatures for attendance, 90% of them printed their name opposed to writing their signature. I have also noticed this in elementary, middle, and high schools all across the country. Ummm....are we using technology that much to the point where cursive writing is becoming a lost art? Maybe so.

Penmanship was BIG deal in my household where my mother was a divorced, single, overworked parent, yet understood the importance of a thorough education and went above and beyond in rearing my brother and I. She would rip my paper to pieces if my handwriting was not legible. At the time, I did not like it, but grew to understand why she was so hard on me about my handwriting. I even got my first job as a teen all because of the handwriting on my application!

It's a lost art that I hope is found and very soon! Read these articles below for additional info about cursive writing. Be well my friends.

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