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Dr. Tremaine Jones Afetorgbor (aka Dr. Tré) ; I’m a wife, mother and licensed Pharmacist and attribute my life to having a firm foundation and relationship with God, a loving supportive family, and applying God’s word.  Currently; the Creator/Owner and Chief Flava Specialist of DR Flava SPICES; an AMAZING seasoning blend line that takes food from blah to Flava-ful! With over 6-13 herbs and spices in each bottle, there is no need to add salt, pepper, oregano, onion or garlic we have done all the work for you. Our Mission is to help BUSY MOMS, HEALTH CONSIOUS FOODIES, NOVICE, NEW FOUND VEGANS, VEGETARIANS and FAMILIES eat delicious healthy food!

Even though I devoted six years to earn my Pharm.D. at Xavier University of Louisiana, and thirteen years as a professional Pharmacist, I began realizing the deadly impact of food choices and cooking styles on one’s health.  Deciding to help by applying my faith, talents, and dreams, I started a successful catering business focusing on healthy yet tasty cuisines. After two years, I shifted my focus to create, DR Flava SPICES; which are All Natural, Lower in Sodium and contains No MSG or SUGAR!  DR Flava SPICES is great for all cooking styles such as grilling, searing, sautéing, roasting, baking and can even be used to garnish pop-corn! My goal is to help families eat to live with great hopes that families come back to the dinner table over amazing, delicious food!

OUR BEGINNIGS; It was December 2016, at the time Dr. Tré only had two blends; Original Everything and Creole Delight which I gave as Christmas gifts for close family and friends. The response was overwhelming and decided to seek help to decide if this could be a viable business; shortly after January 2017, DR Flava SPICES was born.  My very  first  platform was at The  March 2017 EntrepreNEWHER EVENT where I was  both a speaker and vendor. The experience and exposure definitely helped to catapult DR Flava SPICES; Shan Thomas, who is amazing; had a tremendous impact on building my Brand and forging very impactful relationships.

Currently, we have 8 Amazing Flavas (Original Everything, Creole Delight, Garlic Ginger Lime, Southwest, Lime Herb, Island Twist, Spicy Cajun Twist and Creole Lemon Pepper) they are unique and full of Flava! The beauty of our spices is NUMBER 1 THEY CAN BE MIXED and you can cook the same meal; just pick any one of our flavas  to create a new meal! DR Flava SPICES IS WHERE SPICE MEETS LIFE, so get ready to clear your cabinets and rid yourself of those one recipe spices, NO MORE CLUTTERED CABINETS! We advocate less thinking and more cooking; let our spices be your best friend in the kitchen.

You can purchase online at build your own pack and enjoy some Flava for just $8.99 per 5oz bottle or just try them all with one of our sets. Be sure to follow us on all social media for monthly recipes, tips and to share pictures of your delicious food!

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I became an ENTREPRENEUR to help people! I am overwhelmed by the positive response and impact DR Flava SPICES is having on those embarking on healthy lifestyles or those not sure how to flavor their food; who are NOW creating mouth-watering dishes, feeling better and are getting some AWESOME REPORTS FROM THE DOCTOR TOO! We also help by providing various recipes on our website, social media and with our free e-book of sent to all first time buyers.  I understood my purpose was beyond the 4 walls of the Pharmacy; DR Flava SPICES gives me the liberty to reach, teach and encourage people to start were they are with what they have. Food is an essential part of our lives it should taste Amazing and our Spices can help with this!

Any time you embark on a Business it’s a risk! It also requires organization, consistency, perseverance, studying, LONG HOURS and FAITH! I knew nothing about how to start my business OFFICIALLY, but did the research to get my license with the state, county and filed with FDA. I had to ask questions, make several calls, INVEST INVEST AND INVEST SOME MORE….  I am constantly learning from each failure or mistake made; when I look back over my year in business my biggest Failure has been FEAR! Yes, not always believing in MYSELF AND DOUBTING that God really wanted to USE ME THIS MUCH! There have been a few hiccups and wasted money on labels, brochures etc. and even people who say they want to help which may come with a price tag! I am not saying that you should not pay for help just make sure it’s in your best interest and BRAND!

My advice to any entrepreneur is to DO THE RESEARCH FIRST AND TEST THE MARKET (NOT JUST FAMILY AND FRIENDS) but real customers. Ask questions, find a mentor and be ready to INVEST TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY!  Work with people who have more success than you and find ways to NETWORK with people that you can build relationships and partner in the future.  Remember;  do not despise the days of small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10) and Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He WILL DIRECT YOUR PATHS (Proverbs 3:5)!



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