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Inspiring other people is something I really enjoy doing. I love to solve problems for my family, friends, and clients and make this thing called LIFE a sweet can be opposite for sure, but I'd much rather focus on the solution to the problem instead of the problem itself. Most of the time, the problem has already been identified anyway, so let's keep it time to waste.

I attended an event at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital on Friday where I am a donor and I had so much fun communicating with my clients. Some approached with unknowing frowns, with life's struggles and problems on their minds while others approached smiling, knowing this thing called LIFE can and will get better. Either way, I want every client that I come in encounter with to smile at some point in our conversation. Whether they purchase something or not, I enjoy making people smile and love to pour happiness into the universe.

Some may ask why? I enjoy making others smile because I am sometimes in a dark place because of LIFE, but to know that I can bring joy to someone else makes me smile. See this thing called #BOSSLIVING is not all peaches and cream. Sometimes you get the cream, and the peaches are nowhere to be found. On the other hand, you may get a few peaches, or even a lot of peaches and hell there will be times where you get nothing at all. Lmao! I am just keeping it 100. So smiling and laughing are really big deals to me. Anyone that knows me personally will tell you, I LIVE this thang called LIFE. Sometimes on one wheel honey, but I am STILL rolling and enjoying every minute of LIFE. I mix the good, bad, happy, sad into one big pot and recognize the lessons in it all.

I want all of my followers to know the truth as that is all I have to give....PERIOD.

This is my very 1st blog post, so there is your warning. Everything I share will be real, straightforward, and genuine. I only know to be my authentic self and I am very some brutally honest, but hey everyone is not my cup of tea either. My thoughts will make you think, laugh, cry, dream, love, scream, shout, and so much more so I welcome you to my world where shit gets real REAL quick!

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you whether the subject is fashion, education, tips, treats, etc. My blog wilI also serve as a global platform for entrepreneurs around the world to share their story, skills, product/services, etc. via guest blogging! I am so excited about this blogging journey ya' are in for the ride of your LIFE!

Me. Unapologetically. 

T. Seals, Founder/CEO

Body Decor Boutique






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Such a great first blog T! I really enjoyed it….keep up the good work!

SaBrina October 09, 2015

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